Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sorry peeps, I was suppose to give Erin's stats.
Here they are:

Late 20s
Lives in the Dallas/Fort worth area
Easy to talk to
Works as an event planner for a major church ( Aka she can throw a party!)


  1. Hi Amber!
    I'm Chelsea. I didn't post anything about my brother because he is super picky and he would probably kill me if I did something like that. But I do think Ein is precious and looks just like my brother's type! He currently lives in Ft. Worth and went to TCU. He is a Christian guy, FUN (likes to have a good time!) and hilarious. He is 25, will be 26 next month. He is very mature for his age- people always say he has an "old soul" or think he is a lot older. He is very successful already- works at a company in Ft. Worth and just recently bought a really nice condo. I actually think this is the reason he hasn't met anyone because he works a LOT. He needs balance, ha!! I do think he needs someone who is independent and okay with their significant other working a lot. Anyway, he is a great guy, HILARIOUS and will make a great husband some day. He has always been such a gentleman to the girls he has dated. He is really outdoorsy- loves to hunt, fish, etc- total guys guy- he also is really into working out. Check out my blog- I have pics of him throughout- you might look at Christmas, I know there are some there.

  2. Chelsea,

    I think it could be a match. Erin is in the grapevine/mid-cities area so not far from Fort Worth. Here is her email I'm excited!! Hopefully they will be able to meet up.


  3. Hello

    I'm writing for my brother as well. I just wrote him an e-mail for his permission to write a post about HIM. He lives in Hurst ( so, the DFW area) and will be 28 in March. He's AWESOME. He's 6'3, very handsome, a little picky when it comes to girls and a devoted Christian. He's the worship leader at his church (which happens to have my dad for a pastor) and plays guitar, drums and sings. He's athletic and plays basketball frequently.
    He's a graphic designer and also has his own graphic design side business. He designed my blog. He's quiet but very funny when you get to know him.
    He has an interesting background. He was born in Brazil as a missionaries kid. We lived there for 15 years so he speaks English and Portuguese.

    Again, I'm waiting to hear back from him about this whole thing but would love for him to meet Erin. Not sure he'll go for all this but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! lol
    I also have pictures of him on my blog as well. I live in MA so him and my family came to visit me for Thanksgiving. Those are the most recent ones.

    Take care!


  4. OH, and BTW, his name is Bryan! Oops! Forgot to post that part!

  5. Here is her email address Forward her info on to him and maybe something will come out of it:)

  6. She is adorable!! I too saw the "link up" on a friends blog and my brother came to mind. A great guy, Owns his own company, hard working, loves to have fun.

  7. Amber-
    I'm so sorry that I am just getting back to you. I wanted to do so, because I know when you're trying to get fixed up how it feels to be left "hanging." So I talked to my brother and he asked if he could have the week to think about it. (UGH!) I sent him Erin's picture and of course he thought she was super cute. He thought about it and told me last night he has decided he doesn't want to meet someone online because he thinks it would be awkward. I don't get it and I'm really surprised, but I have to respect his wishes. I think HE is missing out big time. I hope Erin has tons of dates from this and meets "the one."